DoriSlut_DA aka overb0ost

for the people that are on son, i’m overbost on and my friend just recently opened this site to be able to attract all nissan enthusiasts to be able to be on one forum. I think it’s a great idea and would love to see this expand. There will be tons of additions along with a numerous amount of sponsors/vendors to give members the cheapest prices possible. Currently i beleive raceready is the first vendor to be added. Continue to check for updates and spread the word. The forum is what you make of it, so with more people, that means more vendors/sponsors and also more used/new parts for you guys!

Oh and i almost forgot, my current ride is a 1995 240sx S14 5spd.

name is changed to ChokuDori_DA

i found DoriSlut a bit inappropriate so i changed it.