post up your favorites!

i’m in a good mood after my skyline bumps…ha

here’s a good starter:

Your nothing more then a beach boy build looking for attention. Your the guy that rides my nuts in the gym and wants to use my machine after so you can sniff the seat with some hope you will grow from it. You make every excuse in the book as to why you cant do this or that…its simple really…you aint got in son. Stick to curls and bench press, they work slightly for you. Dont worry, if you wear baggy enough shit no one will say anything about those number 2 pencils you call legs. At least they match your 15" pipe cleaners.

You wanna talk shit, game on, im the master at that around here, i can rip you apart all day long. You have nothing to add to this place so leave once again and come back in 2010 with the same pics hoping everyone will ride your nuts, cause thats all you really want, you want a bunch of nerds to worship you. Sorry jobs taken, timbers got it and he does it well. So please take this gracious offer to just leave or wipe the slate clean an start over from here. I will even help you get somewhere otehr then pics from 2005. Btw post something recent

hugs and kisses

Did muscle50 write that? lol