E36 BMW Seibon Carbon Fiber hood

Starting my new project so i dont need this anymore…

great condition no dents, cracks, or dings . . . .

asking $300 cash

Fuck man you serious?

I’ll take it but I gotta work somethin out with ya payment wise, my hood is garbage.

ok how about…


jk benny…

hes got dibs on it till friday

Lol who else was going to buy it?

Jesse’s gotta ADD weight to his car to make it legal :rofl

Idk about Jammer and Jon though, regardless this ish is MINNEEEE

hah yeah i know not to many e36’s on the site

i’ll ask my roommate bill he’s got a e36 m3

get the wing first you clown

my hood is garbage and that wing all said and done will be like $500 once it’s on the car

how do you figure?

$150 for wing
$300 to have it sprayed, another $50 in tools to mount it.

You just want to slow my car down :shifty

$300 to paint = LOL. I just had an entire trunk lid painted for $100.

No lightened body panels in Prepared. We’re all in the same class.

You don’t have super duper legit pearly paint :sad

$300 for wing paint can buy you Autotrader and Want Ad Digest listings and a lot of for sale signs…



no, it wouldn’t matter…there’s a bottle in my trunk that helps my car scoot along when falling behind ;D :nana

nawz, s0n. u best neva fohget it.