F-Body Coil over setup VS stock

Anyone have experience with coil overs on an F-body or their own? Comments please…

Just considering this setup…


Regardless of other experiences… Spohn’s stuff is top notch; and you’ll be happy with any package he puts together.

That setup IS going to ride a lot harsher than the factory; with the rod-ends and stiffer springs; but it should handle a ton better.

I do.

what do you want to do?

I’m considering the whole spohn setup or something close to it, but the coil overs in general, I like idea of adjusting my ride height, plus I wanted to make sure it was a good improvement over stock. I need good handling, I do more street driving then racing at the track since the closest drag is 2 hours away

if you want good handleing get koni’s

Hell yeah good handling stuff go with strano parts. he has revalves for lowered vehicles.