F/S Thule Roof Rack System With Extras

Comes complete as seen in the pictures. Came off of my 92 accord, and fits 90-97 accords without having to change the fit kit. Will cost $30 for fit kits for another car. Comes with EVERYTHING the Load Bars, Fit Kit, Feet, 2 Bike racks, with new hold down locks, and a wind deflector. Have WAY too much invested in the kit, asking $500 (local) for everything. All you will have to do is bolt it onto the car!

Before I added the wind deflector

want to sell me the wind deflector seperately???

Sure $450, and I’ll give you the rest of the kit for $50

shit you responded fast. lol

i cant find my wind deflector. :-\

thats not good… They are $60 new. I just don’t want to separate the kit. It took me a long time to piece it together, so its either all or nothing… you are prolly the 10th person to ask for the fairing.

well actually I just asked you 9 times. HAHA
I bought a new one btw

there are a few others that asked too…

dude, it wasnt even off the first page lol

this is like the 3rd thread hes made for it. LOL

is it???

We need to talk about this thing…

I want those Bike trays