Fable 2

anybody know when is comes out? i think it’s this week but not sure and i can’t really find a release date for it. i loved the first one and been waiting a long time for the 2nd one to come out.

I think one of my buddies at work said it comes out today. I never played the first one, but from what he said, this game seems pretty cool. I was under the impression that it was like a World of Warcraft type of game (which I am definitely not into), but from what he said it is almost like a GTA-style game with an open and interactive world where you have to do missions and stuff. I might check it out.

Came out 2 weeks ago… errr ummm… for those of you that buy games, I donno… but I am a few hours into it, and it rocks!

Just looked, it shipped today, should be in stores by tonight or tomorrow morning.

^^ haha

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haha it is a great game. ill go get it today!