Family guy clip of the day.


lol roffle HAHAHA

so good

take on me…

good stuff = smiley!

ohh man ;lol;

i saw that the other day…good stuff…i love the family guy randomness

I loved the episode tonight where their daughter is seeing the kid that is a nudist, at the end they’re playing Yahtzee and Peter’s swinging his crotch at his daughter saying “In your face! In your face! HAHA!” HAHAHahhahahaha

best show evAr

ah ha so good

one of my fav scenes lol.

peter i need you to hold my ears blaaaaaaaaah!!!


I almost pissed myself again.

lol ^^^ i love family guy

dammit i had an entire page saved of em, but alas it was not ment to be, my computer crashed and i lost them all. dammit.

nm found some!

^ LOL!!!

“Except for you.”

That is fuggin hilarious!


The best one so far this thread IMO was the one you posted…

Fucking hilarious.

Chris, where have you been???