FOR SALE MKIV Jetta Exhaust /Muffler

I just got a new exhaust on my car and I no longer need this one .The piping is made by megan racing and the muffler is magna flow .It is a 2.5 inch exhaust with a resonator .I will split the piping from the muffler if no one wants the full thing.

Muffler …70.00

Full exhaust …100.00

I need this gone
please call 5185734757 or text

Pics will be up later

Post pics of said muffler. Im interested. Its 2.5 inch in right? Is it dual tip outlet?



BUMP 90.00 for everything !!!

Bump , now just for sale is a resonator and the muffler …

asking 70.00 for both !!!

20 for muffler

boo… to low ballin

Has about 3000 miles on it bought it new for 100

Damn. If only it was the baller polished muff

i painted the top with ceramic black high temp paint .Just sand it off and repaint it.Would look fine