For Sale:OEM Black coupe wing.

hey guys

I have an all black coupe wing, mint condtion and the break light has been removed. looks very clean .

pics will be up soon,

price : best offer


is this a nice looking oem wing or a big stupid looking aftermarket deal?

ohh my falut , sorry guys i should have been more specific. problem fixed.

where do you live, well more importanty, where does the wing live?

Pm , me your offer and we can work something out from there,

thanks for your intrest.

hey guys , the pics are takin a little bit longer then expected, so i barrowed this pic from the “cars to buy/sell” section, hope its not a problem. actual pics will be up soon.

Light as been removed, and it’s black

PRICE** 75… obo[/img]

item is still for sale…


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