FREE: Brand new Dell 720 Printer w/ 2 yrs dell warranty but no inks

I got four now ready for the dumpster…but if anyone would like to take it, you’re most welcome.

!!!1 you know i want them…shit ill take all of them i have a big family

sure man…you can come get it. PM me.

Bump…Got 6 more and someone was going to pick it up today, but no sign of him calling. Come pick all up if you want… I am not sure what warranty comes with these.

All brand new no inks

call 917-3405363. Thanks!

lotsa ish came up today man. this week i could do if there is any left. if you going to taffys tonight ill be there. lemme know

Hey man…not gonna be out tonight…so you still want this right? If not I think I will just dump it out tonight…

yeahh i do man. but like i said i cant today i wont be to taffys to real late. but if you were to come out there id take them off ya

cool… I’ll hold it then…just gimme a call when u come.

what are ink?

EDIT - Forget it. :bloated:
I thought they were PC… cause I don’t read so good. BUMP

All gone.