FREE Mags- R&T, Automobile, Autoweek, WIRED, PC Magazine, Pop Mechanics

These mags are for somewhere from Aug 2007 to Aug 2008.

May be missing a couple issues but they are 95% complete, a couple of the mags are not in the pics but just lying around…

I’ve moved and am taking this opportunity to get rid of stuff.

R&T Mags



PC Magazine (and some PC World)

WIRED Magazine

Popular Mechanics

Take whatever you like, or I’ll just throw them out… Can meet in Latham near Albany Airport or Keeler Honda.


and to think, i throw R&T and magazines like that away every month. only magazines i keep are Performance VW and European Car

Bump… Anyone? Feel free to make offers

BUMP. Now free, who wants these?

If I haven’t already had 150 pounds worth of magazines (Thanks Rtrac!) I’d be sure to pick these up.

Somebody should go for it, Popular Mechanics alone is fantastic :thumb