Free Online Repair Manuals - All vehicles.


1: Go to OPLIN Research Database Remote Access

2: Enter 123456789 as your card number, and select “Public Library of Cincinatti and Hamilton County”

3: Scroll down to “Auto Repair Reference Center”

Thank you Miata forum. :bowdown


sweet bro! goood stuff man…


*Update:Site does not offer that link anymore:’(:’(


Worked just fine for me right now.

You follow the steps correctly?


it worked for me a couple days ago…im currently stuck at step 3 right now i cant seem to find Auto Repair Reference Center:banghead


I used to use CCHS’s until they got rid of it :facepalm


3rd link down once you’re on the Cincinnati database.


“Sanborn Fire insurance maps” for me :’(
did you end up in this address after you entered the card number?:
i tried searching for it and still no good.


I end up on this link

Where you should be selecting the third choice down

“Public library of Cincinnati and Hamilton county”.

It seems that you’re selecting the second option on that screen.


worked for me…awesome site…always looking for wiring diagrams!

+1 rep


This is friggin awesome. Thanks for the info. It works for me. It has everyone of my vehicles. Thanks man,.:thumbup


Just tried it on my laptop and ended up working fine
my desktop is full of fail :Idiots