Friday Feb.11 Friday

On Friday Feb.11 -----Touch in the Strip. Slowsilverado03 is leaving for the Air Force Feb.15 . this is his unoffical going away party.

75% in

i’m not gonna make it…i won’t be home till saturday tell him bye for me :sadwavey:

:sadwavey: won’t make it. All my going out this weekend will be Saturday. :frowning:

90% In

50 % in

would be 100% in if i was 21 :hs:

not 21


sorry cant make it…but tell him good ridence for me

I dont know who he is but I’ll go to Touch anyway, teh Friday nights are money


im going to be in Maryland :frowning: If I dont get to see toss before i head out, tell him i said to have fun :smiley:

bee ohh to the muthafuckin Bee is in

I might head out there im comming home this weekend …

i’m draggin your ass there

Aight gimmie a call ill be leaving psu @ 4 getting home around 7 ish

psu :greddy: get done with that place already

im trying !! lol stuck here till part of sumer … but itll give me time to negotiate a nice job w/ marriott when i get out