FS: 17" Rims

I forgot to put FS in the title, but I have a set of 17" Proline Alloys For Sale…Don’t have much info on them. They had 215/45/17 Tires on them and they fit perfectly. They’re painted black, but its chipping in various spots on all 4 rims. They require Tuner Lugs, I will include a set of 12x1.5 that I’ve had forever (They fits Honda’s, Mitsubishi’s). I don’t really care to ship them. Make an offer I just want them out of my garage asap!


Might want to put FS: in the title, someone will cry

^Working on figuring out how to do that:confused:

Click “Edit” then click “Go Advanced” then edit your thread title.

also put a price up too or you will have people wanting them for $5.

I’ll take em for $5.

no, seriously tho, price?

Thanks! As for the price idk how about $50?

Bump for a good price. These would be taken by me if they were 4 lug.

Do you know what lug patterns they’d fit?

5x100 or 5x114.3

are they black? if so 200?

he said in the original post that they’re black, and said 6 posts up that he’d take 50… do you ever read before you post or do you stick to the books with pictures? come on john…

any bends or serious rash? paint/coating issues I can take car of, I’m just worried about the metal itself being ruined.

One of them has bad rash (picture below) the other 3 are good - only a little rash if any. Ill have to check in the morning for details on the other 3, but none are bent.


50 sounds good any other offers?

None at the moment…I just want them out of my garage I have to much shit in there right now lol.

that rash isnt so bad :tup: for a good deal

ok 50 tomorrow?

Works for me!

long ass drive haha