FS: 17" white/chrome rims cheap

white rims with chrome lip and center, a bit of curb damage, so I am pricing around $150, tires still on rims, but they are bald like slicks! Pics tommorow, it’s sleepy time

Bolt pattern?

need more info but am interested. e mail me or pm.

durr I am tarded, it is universal lug pattern (pretty sure) and pics will come when i unpack my digicam from my college stuff, :frowning: i think its there atleast.

okay finally

and here is the scratches from my incident.

again tires are beyond bald.

are they true two or three piece rims? or are the nuts just for show?

i’m not sure honestly, I am the third owner of these rims that i know of. I think the nuts are just for show.

i think those are my old rims what did you have them on ?

did you sell to Krazyjon? they were purchased from him, I had them on my 03 civic si

bump, anyone interested?