FS:18" MR7's 4 Lug

I have a set of 4 lug mr7’s for sale. their are tires on all the rims but 2 need to be replaced…i found them for 86 a piece.im looking for 280 for all four.give me a call 461-4157…Thanks…

what is the size and do you have pics…what type of car you have in your avatar

I think they are 18 feet in diameter, due to the title…

hes got a white integra

Their Motegi MR7’s just google it. they will fit most 4 lug cars their 4 lug universal.and the car in the avatar is mine.

wow chris, you finally joined lol. what rims do you want now?

IDK yet maybe ratos… ill sell the 18’ for 260

wtf r RATOS?
Do you mean ROTAS?

:crackup :crackup :crackup i thought the same thing earlier, laughed too hard so i couldn’t post :lol

are you guys the people when you would be in school and your doing a lab or some kind of project on a friday and when you say “fuck it, we’ll finish it tomorrow” you guys say “we dont have school tomorrow dumbass” :lol

i also want to sell my 17’ mr7’s…im looking to get Fat Fives, or blades. or 16’ rims no more with the 17’…the 18’ came with my car and i hated them so they came off right when i put it on the road. and now im not liking my 17’ rims that much to big for my taste so throw me a offer…

nice grammer s0n.

yeah your integra would look a lot better with 16’s :nod. What kind of rotas do you want?


Something like those.sorta like nicks rims he had on the gs-r…

no rotas!!! Get something different lol

I like the attacks…go for it…you want gold?

I had the Boost. Not the Attack.

And get somethin different than EVERYONE ELSE
get like JMAGs or somethin

J mags would look good ;D

yea i love the gold ones…idk yet ive got to save some money…the next step for me is ls-vtec…

when do you plan on doing this? it would be a good upgrade for you :banana