fs-1996 grandam gt

1996 grandam gt:exterior:-color is green -spoiler is a little faded-no rust -sun roof-tires in good shapeinterior–grey cloth pretty clean interior owned by detailer-no radio but im goin to put one inthe bad–the car cannot be put on the road till 11/10 do to previous owner drivin with no insurance-needs driver side window motor-check engine is on do to the 02 sensor which im most goin to fix anywaysotherwise the car runs and drives awesome an is very solid in good shape 2000obo my cell is 603-0512 i have pics i can send you of it my names ron

i will have the mileage monday

i thought it was only the plate that couldn’t be registered again… that suuucks, what’s the fee that you can pay instead of waiting?

have you ever thought about learning some grammar? that sentence makes baby jesus cry.

Bashing isn’t necessary my computer keeps on cuting my words, but anyways i have no idea if theres a fee you can pay to void that if you find out let me know.

Just looked it up… if it’s longer than 90 and in this case it was you can’t pay the fine. If it’s less than 90 days then it’s $8 each day for days 1-30, 31-60 is $12 and $15 for 61-90. So 85 days is $840. good to know. glws

thanks ,so in 45 days it willl be cleared and good to go for a new owner.

Id be interested in some pictures…

text my cell 7166030512 and i will send some

why not just retrieve them from the e-mail address your carrier gave you? that’s pretty ghetto

As far as the registering issues go, neither yourself or any family member can register the car. You can however sell it and they can register the car when they transfer the title in their name. Hope that helps. GLWS.

Yeah so the new owner will be able to register it in 44 days , the previous owner couldnt register it and bought it off him to help him out so he can get a new car.

1750 obo

1200 firm it has 140000 on it.

a new pic