FS: 2 Sets of Tickets - Bills vs. Steelers in Toronto on Aug. 14th

I have 2 sets of tickets for the Bills vs. Steelers game in Toronto on August 14th @ 7:30pm.

First Set - Section 524a - Row 8 - Seats 7 & 8 - $165 for the set
Second Set - Section 525 - Row 2 - Seats ? & ? - $140 for the set

seating chart can be found in the link below

If you’re interested, please let me know…

that much for preseason?

yeah for the toronto games they are. the 500 sections are $72-$262 per seat …

damn i was thinking about heading up there too but not for that much. not knocking your price but wow, it’s preseason.

somebody buy these so my friend stops bugging me about them lol

the game is a week away …

Pay for preseason tickets…

…for the Bills…



yeah I know … I’m trying to get rid of these for a friend who bought them