FS 240sx BUMPER hood and suspension

up for sale is a front bumper off a 98 s13 yes S13 and hood both white in colour
AND YES S13 and yes 98
bumper 100
hood 80

also for sale kyb shocks and b and g srings
2in for the front and 1.5 in the rear
paid 750 driven on for 4 months
asking 400 obo

contact me at 905 971 6904
or pm me

These are pictures of the above mentioned items.

huh i thought it was a 98 bumper… “AND YES S13 and yes 98”
lol this is jokes

r u sure thats the right drop numbers on ur springs. It seams odd. 1.5 front and 2 in the rear would make the rear end on the 240 look like its sagging. Are u sure its not 2 in the front and 1.5 in the rear? that would make more sense because stock the front is higher than the rear…

also have the shocks blown yet? lowering springs on stock shocks tend to blow

The bumper is off of an 98 front cut that I bought. I even have the engine plate that says the year on it if you would like to see it. No the shocks are not blown at all. They ride with a nice aggressive feel without being to slammed tot he ground. You are most likely correct with the lowering dimmensions, it has been so long since I purchased them that I have forgotten what they are. I will post a picture of the engine plate later today just to settle everything on the bumper.

Just a small not for “willx” who thinks this is all just “jokes”. Try going to google and typing in 1998 180sx in the image search and take alook at what the front end of thos cras are. Nice try though.

yea funny, i thought this would be a type x bumper, cause this one is a regular kouki one, chuki whateva! if it was a type x for $100 buddy i would camp out side ur house untill u sell it to me, lolz!!

yo trini, this was the bumper i was tellin u about lol guess it wasnt what i thought~

thats a chuki bumper not kouki…

reverse those numbers for the drop
also i never said type x
if your not interested then keep your mouth shut…
and gr2’s can handle lowering springs
they are valved better then stock

yo is the suspension fit on a 91

The suspension was on my 1990 240sx but yeah it will fit a 91 no problem

i’m interested in your shocks and springs for my 91 s13. my stock susp. is blown. i tried calling your #, but it said it was out of service. where r u located? i’m south of brantford.

this thread is 4 years old, lol