FS:3 s2000 wheels

for sale are used s2000 wheels. 2 rears and 1 front. Not sure what these are worth so just make some offers.These are not perfect but not to bad.

The best one of the group “rear”

A little ding on this one " rear"

minor scrapes on this one “front”

damn 32 views and nothing.Make offers!!!

My buddy just sold his 3 wheeled S2000 too, Damn. Sorry, someone would have said it :slight_smile:


Probably not. People are always looking for wheels to put track tires on for auto-x.

fuck it jake,just sell one and put the other 2 on your bike

AP1 wheels aren’t worth much even as a set. If I still had my S2000 though, I’d probably pick these up to have a spare set of rears. 3 sets of rear tires lasted me the whole 6k miles I had the car. :lol:

they prolly dont sell because they have super high offset

Yeah, they basically only fit the S2000 and most AP1 guys want aftermarket or AP2 wheels. I liked the AP1 wheels myself though.

50 bucks for the 3

the bolt pattern is 5x114.3 so they will fit on quite a few cars but its the offset that makes them not work on alot of cars

I know.

I can get 50 bucks from the scrap guys