FS: 89 240SX as is...

I am currently contemplating the sale of my car. I am in school till february and I don’t have the time to get my car to pass etest. So it is just parked and I would rather somebody get use of it. Car works fine just wont pass etest currently.

The body isn’t great but its all fixable. The bad spots are on the frame rail behind the exhaust, both rear quarter panels, and the front strut towers. I had a quick fix of the floor holes done last year. There are other assorted rust spots but not too bad.

Type: Hatch, 5spd, Moonroof, Power Options
Colour: black/gunmetal/black (in that order)
Engine: 91’ KA24DE swap
K/M: approx. 170xxx on engine, approx. 290xxx on body

Kei Office Coilovers 8/6
KAAZ 2-Way Solid LSD
180sx front brakes
2 1/2" Magnaflow Cat and Muffler Custom (Downpipe back)
Hicas Power Steering Rack
S14 Power Steering Pump

Iridium plugs (last summer)
Brakes (pads and rotors all around (last summer))
Gas tank/Sending unit (Fall 2005)

The car is being sold as is. I have other parts I can throw in if needed also.
Perfect project car for anybody who is capable. I would if I had the time and money. But with school thats not gonna happen unfortunatly, and I would like somebody to enjoy Mary Jane as much as I have.

Price $3500 as is

Im just checking to see if there is any interest. If there is anything I missed let me know. Pictures will come later.

would you recommend this car for a student coming out of high schoolgoing to univerrsity?

If the student likes to drift and has time to fix or swap the engine. Than yes a good car for that student.

well how long wud the engine last, cuz i dun wanna do too much work to it, and not that much drifting, jus a nice fast car?

s13’s arent fasrt…

The engine is fine. The problem is a vaccum leak somewhere. And as snowboard said 240’s aren’t fast.