FS: 96 Toyota Tercel 2 dr BEST OFFER update w/PICS!

how much for the two old people?

keep abortion legal huh? lol

^ saw that too lol

yea, it was a girls car. not that its revalent, but I have a “whatever” policy with stuff like that

i had one of these 40mpgplus all day


were abortions performed in this car while moving?
seat stains +air freshener+abortion sticker+ rear ended another car = probably.

haha there was a saturday night live episode similar. “The New Lincoln is so smooth you can perform a circumcision in it!”

and they did.



wutabout 400??

a tercel w/o fuzzyfish’s personal touch just isnt a tercel …


my buddy has a tercel, it is a beast and runs for ever. brakes and fluid changes is all that the car has ever needed. GLWS for a kick ass beater. i have heard that these things can go for like 500,000 miles :slight_smile:



$400 is the current high bid. who can beat it?

was just gonna say that

haha. in some countries they would fetch a premium.

So who can come up with the high bid? It has to be gone this week!

perfect winter car!!!

NEED IT GONE FIRST ONE TO COME UP WITH CASH. 725-5366, call me. or pm me

I just broke my hockey stick yesterday. need $. will take a righty one piece composite as partial payment lol