FS: Apple iPod

I have for sale a 20GB apple ipod, latest edition.
does not come with any software or cables.

its just the iPod.

I will include an iTrip with the iPod.
I’m asking $200

If you want, i’ll leave all my songs on there too! wink wink

PM me if intrested


Where’d the cable go?

pics, condition?

trades for parts?

People are retarded if they don’t know that this is a good deal.

I paid $260cad for my 10GB 3rd gen sometimes mid-last year.

hey man call me asap please!

519 584 5602

i’ll be in toronto area tonight and sauga tomarrow night.


cables are still on my comp… i got another one!
i DO have another cable, but its a POS, but brand new. will include for an extra 20 bucks…
the ipod is scratched, as they all are, i’ll clean and buff it before i sell it.

all you need is this cable i have, and a USB 2.0 port. then it will charge it and upload/download music to/from your iPod.



du du du ipod… du du du