FS: Brand New AEM Wide Band $300!

Today only im willing to sell it for $300. must contact me befor 4 tough. PM or call 716-400-9373

still 4 sale

someone must want this

may be interested. I was going to buy a lm1. i need to do some more research on this guy first.

what guy

it clearly says “this guy”

thats what guy


this guy

is that guy i was uncertain about


the wideband is new in box i think :p, he posted pics of it awhile ago so

but what about the other guys?

whats so special about this guy?

couldnt he be both this guy, and that guy?

look. im not gonna explain this again

this guy who the guy in post #4 was talking about is obviously that guy


well it all depends on if it really is a guy



damn u guy!!!

ugh… good thing its friday. anyways im intrested. i plan on going standalone so ill need one sooner or later. does it have extra outputs and such for that? ill have to see in person. also i heard rumors that the aem widebands werent so accurate?..

i never heard that the UEGOs werent accurate, but then again maybe i didnt talk to that guy you were talking about Ddrop.

Just because you are getting a standalone doesn’t mean you need your own wideband. Unless you are doing all the tuning yourself, and expect to accurately alter the tune as the weather changes, just let the person creating your map use thier wideband.

admittedly, the UEGO looks dope. fucking ricer :snky:

it is very accurate. give me a call 400-9373 we can set something up so you can see it.

Im constantly modding my car so ill diff make use of it. Also im going to prolly go megasquirt, meaning ill be doing most of the tuning…unless we have some hardcore megasquirters on the board…

think that will fit in place of my narrowband guage?


The AEM is just as good as the LM1. For a extra 100 bucks you have a gauge to go with the controller and sensor. You wont find this shit any cheaper. Whoever said the AEM is not accurate is a dickbrain.