FS: Bride Ergo 2

Used, but in mint condition. This is Genuine Bride. $750 or best offer. I’ve got rails for them now, it will be $900 with rails.

what type of rails does it include?

can you get type RO rails?

It comes with rails that fits this seat onto your 240sx. I’ll let you know about the RO rails.

wow still not sold? crazy… this price is a killer … if u go to speedstar and ask for this ur looking at 1600$ with rails tax included that was my quote when i went there…

is the rail for LH or RH?

Its for LH.

The rails are no longer available… they disappeared…

huh? what happened to the rails? so how much for the seat now?

Yeah, what happened to the rails!

he dropped price 50$ no rails…

I can’t find them rails… I think someone stole them…

Damn, that’s gay :frowning:





Any offers?

well if youd check your pm youd see i sent you a pm

Sorry, for some strange reason I didn’t get the PM…

This is still for sale, please PM reasonable offers.

Price drop to $750 obo… this has gotta go!