FS: Clarion GPS navigation unit UDR12 $125


Clarion UDR12 gps navigation unit.

12 Channel GPS Receiver
GPS Antenna
USB Connection
Speed Pulse sensor lead
Built-in Gyro

Comes with unit, antenna, and all necessary wiring


this is just a photo from the internet, mine is the same but cleaner, and comes with everything you need (wires, antenna, etc)



Is this like for a clarion headunit or is it like a computer gps navigation system?


you’d have to contact clarion in terms of compatability. I would assume you need a clarion headunit, but it may work with a computer

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[Supra content ] Snapped a few pics today




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Do you still have this for sale by any chance? I’ll be interested for $50.


$52 here.


12 year old classified bump. SWEET!