FS: Cleaning Out Sale

I stress the prices are BEST OFFER

Cat back exhaust for an integra should fit an eg hatch too, had it on my integra last year, sounds awesome IMO -150 obo

98 GSR Bare Block - 350 obo

LS Bare Block 100 obo
w/ crank 150 obo

OBD2-OBD1 adapter harness wired for a vafc- 75 obo

acl main and rod bearings for a LS - 100 OBO
arp rod bolts for ls rods - 20 obo

Centerforce Lightened flywheel for B series Motors -250 obo

random shit:

sanyo v4500 sprint phone with phone charger and box w/ manual - 100 obo

you can PM me, my AIM is MidgeX, and/or call me at 863-8051, name is Ryan