FS: Computer case LCD Display


I won this at a lan party this weekend and I have no room for it in my computer.

Its a very nice addon for any custom PC. It fits in a standard full size bay, and can display the following information:

  • CPU Info
  • System Temps / Voltages
  • HDD Information
  • Mp3 Info / Visuals
  • Weather
  • Email Notification
  • FPS in Games

Its black, white a blue LCD panel and white text.

You can get all of the information here:


It retails for $100, I am looking for close to that if you want to buy it. I would also be willing to possibly trade some hardware… in particular I am looking for a nice DVD burner.


I can trade my LiteOn DVDRW for it if you want although I am not sure what’s the use of this panel, but I got this extra burner that I don’t use often.

1 dollar bob

how’d you win it? wanna battle for it?