Fs: couple of good parts

Well i need to get rid of one of my steering wheels soo yeah…

RARE Mugen SW36 wheel 320mm. Comes with the real first edition HKB hub. Fits EG/DC/EF. 180$ Pending

Skunk2/S2 LCA ano-silver,used but in good condition. 100$… I need ITR LCA

Quick release,Black ended up on the boat with my stuff … Works pefectly fine. has scratches, 35

Purple SAMCO hoses for B/D series… 50$

Eg/EK antenna blockoff plates. 10$ BNIB

ASM Racing mirrors Real Carbon… 350$ Brand new.

i know i have more. just to lazy to look…text me for pictures… 518-491-0188

i want pics of the mugen wheel

Its nice… already got pics haha.

it real? have all the covers?

No horn button or pad. Authentic though and leather is not peeling which is very rare. I wanted one with the horn button so no go.

no pad…no deal

Horn pad would add like 300 to his price haha

and your point is?

What brand quick release?

The price says there’s no horn pad… :skid

if i had the pad and horn. you bet the price would be alot higher… horn got smashed in transit… plus i have a mugen racing II wheel i rather use and destroy…

not a clue just came with the everything i got sent from osaka.

Overnight parts? :excited :rofl

What else can you get? I’m sure plenty of people here would be interested.

Your connection can get 25 year old cars? :ninja

more like 4 weeks. alot of things are hard to fine, because its getting out of date or the market has been overflowed with it… but if it something specific i can always ask… Cars yes . but its getting real hard with all the import laws… but its doable… i used to work at a shop in Cali and thats all we delt with new and used japanese parts. i kept in contact with importers so i always see rare stuff. alot of it ive sold or kept… but i left alot in cali at grandmothers house


added some hoses

added more stuff…

up up up