FS: fmic

Im selling fmic that is 35x6x3 from side to side looking to get at least 200 for it worth alot more my loss ur gain .Holds up to 450hp ,Will trade for parts like 550 inj bigger turbo let me know what u have ,Any other questions just pm me thanks :headbang:

what brand is it? you have closer pictures of the welds etc?

not sure but i think it was bought from sbr,im the second owner ,but its never been installed

What the hell could you use a FMIC for chino? Talk about I/C piping. :lol:

J/K, I know there are ways to do it… :snky:

ill take 150 for it

will this fit a 1g??

ya it should,the front end on a 1gen is bigger than 2 gen ,its only 6inches high,but is just the core,but u can buy the pipes for it on ebay for 100

…boosted is a straight up guy…

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i have 150 cash today so consider this sold. call me at (716)984-8742

Man. So cheap for a FMIC.

SOLD!! :whogives: :biglol: