FS/FT: 17" Rims + Sumitomo HTR+ 225/45/17

Low treadlife left, but these are pretty hard tires, if you just need something to get through the summer and you’re not going to beat on them they would probably last you the season.

$20 or something of equal value in trade.

I don’t have pics but I could take some if someone really wants… I just want them out of my basement

Konig Monsoon 17" I think… one rim is dented but could be repaired fairly easily, damage is only to the lip. They have tires on them but they pretty beat and are kind of shitty.


new low price of $100, again I just want them gone… buy both, be good to go for real cheap :tup: :tup:

$20 for all 4? i’d like to take a look if so, post a pic?

yep, 20 for all 4… when I get home from work I will snap a picture

cool i might snag these up just to use temp till i figure out what tires i want

ok… first pic is a picture of all of the sumitomo htr+'s, second pic is an up close of the most beat one of all 4, third pic is the tires on the rims that are FS



if the other guy doesnt wnat the tires i NEED THEM BAD. my toe is out of whack and i just wasted two brand new azenis driving to pittsburgh and back and cant afford new tires to pass inspection ATM

Sumitomo tires and they gotta be run flat
T.V. where the horn go, boy can you top that ?


i’ll take em, pm me with your info and how to get ahold of ya :slight_smile:

Does the pothole rim hold air and can be driven on or does it definitely need to be repaired or replaced?

I honestly don’t know, it knocked the tire off when I hit the pothole and I never re-mounted them.

even if not, they are up on ebay frequently for not much… here you go:


just need to repaint the centers, I can give you the color code I used. $100 for a set of wheels and tires (2 are real dead, 2 are all right, they are just cheap tires), can’t beat it

sumitomo’s sold

rims still available with rubbaR


dam if that bent wasnt so bad i would of brought it. does it affect the driveablity/ does it hold air? i might be interested can i hammer that down haha. if so them count me in.

will they fit a honda?