FS/FT: 18x9 +22 Advan SA3's CHEAP NEED GONE

Asking Price: $450 (OBO)
Condition: Used
Location: Shipped from US
Will Ship?: Y
Contact Info: Send PM for contact details and to schedule a meet

for sale:

i have some 18x9 +22 5x114.3 Advan SA3R’s. they are a pair. included are a decent set of Bridgstone Pontenza Runflats. Size 225/40/18. will come with 2-4 extra Bridgestone Pontenza Run Flats in size 225/40/18 (you pay shipping). its a decent stretch too. fits VERY flush on a stock bodied s13.


$450 for the advans or will trade for some other decent sized 5x114.3’s. price is best offer or trade for mb weapons! can add cash if need be. :thumbup :smile :wink :grin :xmas





where are you located?

i got some work vs-mx 18x9/10J +8

you would add cash on top

how much you asking?

check them out here. if you’re really interested, we can work out something.

where are you located exactly? buffalo?

Damn man, I would love to have them but i cant toss $1500+ on them.

are you only selling two wheels? Also would you be willing to trade for a set of practically brand new Origin DNA-01 17x9.5 +15 5x114.3? Check out my thread, pm me we can work something out in terms of how much cash on top.



bad ass wheels. yeah only a pair of them. 17x9 SA3;s always pop up on ebay. would make for a nice stagger! i just need to finish my 5 lug or else i have no need for all my 18’s.