FS: greddy profec B remote system

Remote Switch for greddy profec b boost controllers. Allows you to change from high to low boost via remote button. Pretty cool, though i only used it for 3 months when i had the stealtth, but took it off before i sold it. It’s packaged in the box just like it would have been new. cost was like $115?

I will let it go for $50

i need to pick up a boost controller, was looking at possibly getting a mbc, but wasnt ignoring ebcs,

any comments on a decent one? i was looking at the AVC-R

bump for a pimp ass remote

depends on the car…I’ve heard good things and bad things about the AVC-R, but it depends on the car.

The Greddy’s are nice

The E-01 is real nice

Really depends on what you’re looking to spend

Greddy Profec B II or Type S…both can work with Yelos pimp remote…and are Very very affordable

that thing is the coolest boost controller i have ever seen. it looks like you can take over the world with it.

and for some,maybe they can…but they dont get the cool remote button lol

smoking deal for this remote setup!


Bump and I have the Profec b2 for sale which is compatible for this, used for tuning for 2 weeks, $250.

please dont sell your stuff in other peoples threads.
i understand that they are items that work together… soooooooo
start a new thread, with a link to this one in yours.


The remote button is a better function than most of you probably think.

I have the AVC-R and I have to hit at least 10 buttons to go from high to low boost.

i just leave it on high boost :slight_smile:

I just got over 310 miles out of my gas tank for the first time, and I probably have 30 more to go before the light comes on. On avg, on high boost, I would get 280-300… if I ran the gas light for 15 miles. Low-High swap-age is a beautiful thing.

Plus… isn’t your high boost still in the single digits? (bar) :wink:

nope, its double digits, and so is my compression ratio :slight_smile:

Thats why I said bar… your not running 10+ bar on your car. :wink:

10 bar…

time to start another engine build :slight_smile: