FS: JBL woofer, Rockford Fosgate amp, capacitor

Hey, i’ve got a system i’m thinking of selling… i’m not totally sure yet, but hopefully if i get any good offers i’ll sell it. Everything is pretty new… they’ve only been in since july… so this summer is when i finished it and put it in. The subs sound great and comes with blue neon so it glows at night. so if anyone is interested throw me an offer. i paid $207 for the kenwood KDC-MP228 deck, $201 for the 1.0 Farad Rockford fosgate capacitor, $345 for the 2 channel Rockford Fosgate Amp, $293 for the two 12" JBL subs (i also have the service plan from best buy on both the subs and the amp and it doesn’t end till May 17th, 2009) The 12" neon and 6" neon was $75 and has a bunch of settings. Now i’m not asking to get all this for the items, cause they’re not new anymore, but i’m looking to get at least some of the money back that i invested in these. Again, i’m in no rush to sell these, i was only thinking about selling, and if the right price came along then i’d sell em. So make me an offer, lemme know what you think of the system too. Everything still has box and packaging.

i’m not sure how to post pictures but i’ll try…








I’ll get some night pictures in with the neons on and the deck on, everything is like new, like it’s straight out of the box.

any one have any interest in any of this?

alright… i got a picture of my deck at night, the quality’s not the greatest cause it’s taken with my treo… but it shows you basically what it looks like at night… i’ll post up pics of the capacitor, and system at night when i get the pics.


bump… maybe this should be in the parts for sale forum?

not many ppl are looking for car audio on here unless its very cheap. put up prices of what you want and you might get some bites.