Fs: Kei Office Coilovers !!!

Asking Price: $ (Stock S13 Suspension + 500 OBO) OR (Interesting Trades)
Condition: Used
Location: Whitby / Peterborough
Will Ship?: Y at buyers expense
Contact Info: Send PM for contact details and to schedule a meet

ok guys, im selling the kei office coilovers that are on my 180sx. They will fit any s13 perfectly, and are FRONTS ONLY. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these, they work and feel amazing.

A little bit about kei office coilovers for those who don’t know:

KEI office was an aftermarket suspension company started by the famous real drift king “Keiichi Tsuchiya.” They are considered by many to have been the best coilovers on the market. Most people say they do not even compare to a set of teins, or other moderately priced coilovers. Finding KEI office coilovers in shape like this is pretty rare, ussually they are blown or something is wrong with them.

Unfortunately I do not have pics of the exact ones on the car, since I am away from it at school right now. However, I will post picture of similar coilovers, and assure you that there is nothing wrong with these coilovers, and are in excellent shape.

Here are some pics of kei office coilovers I have found on google, once again, not mine, but for those who dont know what they look like, here you go.

They are fully adjustable in almost every single way, if you need more info on them I can probably grab it. from someone who knows more about them. They have full height and camber adjustments, and are in excellent shape. Im not a suspension expert so im not sure what all the other adjustments are for. If you would like pics of the exact ones, you will have to wait a week until I am back home for the weekend and I will snap some for you.

As for interesting trades, things like racing seats, ca18det injectors, turbos, wheels, ummmm, anything to do with tuning, maybe a fuel pressure regulator or SAFC, anything of this nature let me know, and it will be considered! Thanks for looking guys, and I would appreciate if any comments were left to PM.

i wanted them now i dont didnt read ad threw intirely i thought it was for all 4 not just the front my bad

ill give you my iebach springs and 100bucks

even tho there out of business and out of production, can u get parts for it from another manufacturer in case something blows? yours looks so mint its ridiculous

yea man, you can still get parts for sure.

And yea, those arent mine, they are just ones off google. Mine are in great shape though, I just dont have pics at the moment.

alright, all the bitching in this thread is getting anoyying

these were on my old 180sx, i personally bought them from lewtz (if i recall correclty)

they work fine, not in the best shape cosmetically, but mechanically are great

and for the record, i did not pay 500

to bring back everyones memory

heres the car, and ride height

heres the coils in question

heres the coils in question


Is tyronekamara the seller under a different username by any chance?

thread cleaned up

do i have to start banning people again?

seriously, stay the hell out of people’s threads if you have nothing constructive to add

ummm no. what part of “HE lives 5-10 mins away from me” dont you understand? use your head

none the less, they look better in person. pictures do no justice

since i owned them ill vouch for them
they work fine

now everyone shut up

Thanks Matty, Sale Pending on these, but still open to offers from people.