FS:Kicker sub cheap

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Asking Price: $150
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Im selling a Kicker L5 Square subwoofer and a official Kicker box. used for 4 months. I had 2, but wired it wrong the day i got it, and it blew within 10mins of use.

Kicker box:
*fits 2x 12" Kicker square subwoofers
*modified to wire them seperately
*made from 3/4" MDF

Sub model is S12L5:
*Dual voice coil
*600watts rms
*1200watts max
*20-100 Hz Frequency Response
*20% more cone area than regular round subwoofers

$150 Firm


yo sup, nigga. LOL im rays bro. Anyways you want to jut sell the sub?

need it all gone, but i forgot it wont fit in the s13 or s14 trunks LoL

Wait, so does the sub still work, or what? What do you mean by it blew after 10 minutes?

No… one sub blew hence the cover on one side of the box, and one sub is fine.

Sub and box is sold!

i got box with two subs
exact same thign anyone interested holla at cha boy

Wow!.. I sold this almost month ago… create your own thread!

Lock this up!