FS: Lincoln Electric Tig Welder

FS: Lincoln Electric Tig Welder

Condition: Used (less than 5x)
Location: Scarborough
Price: $800 CDN
Contact: rajmoolie@gmail.com

Notes: This is a great welder for doing small projects. I purchased this welder new for almost $1000; but only used it a couple of times. In addition I purchased the bottle and stand at an extra cost which I will throw in for free.


you should add more info… like which model it is!

Updated… MIG180 welder…


Rather confused. Which welder is it exactly? the MIG 180C? or is it a Tig welder as you originally advertised. The link you posted is just to the main website.

Please clarify. I’m interested if this is a tig.

Yes please clarify EXACTLY which model this is… I need another TIG.

It’s not a TIG