FS: Massive audio setup

Hey i have 2 12" massive Rw Stage 2 subs. Brand new in a box for 2 12’s and i also have a massive P1000.1 amp all for $400obo. I can get pics but i never took them out of my uncles car.

Rw? never heard of it? pics to e-mail please?


i thought it was a typo and he ment RF lol

lol nope those are the subs. This setup sounds really good. .

massives pound hard i know someone who had 2 15,s and you could hear him for blocks and spld at 149 in a cutlass

nice nice i’ll see what i can do

let me know. i need this gone.

would you just sell the amp?

Id like to sell together. But if the offer is good i could seperate it.