FS: Massive garage sale HONDA DC2 EG 96-98 civic part out JDM goodies


I want the radio bezel and ex dizzy. How much?


You might want to try to edit your pics and put what exactly is in the pick right under it so we all know what yur showing us.

Since 'everyone' knows... The new car..

These aren’t stolen, are they?


haha no they aren’t stolen…I have been collecting parts for about 2 years now and its finally time to get rid of them…

jdmsir u have pm


how much for the od1 dizzy , and ecu


How much for the cd player and rear brakes?


how much for rota centercaps and apexi filter?

Find me wheels for the 996!!!!
Find me wheels for the 996!!!!

pm sent


how much for that shell?

would u buy her for $5500 USD?
This is bull SHIT!
This is bull SHIT!
This is bull SHIT!
This is bull SHIT!
This is bull SHIT!

1000 b/o there are some title issues


what are the issues?


the car currently has a retail certificate of sale along with the normal title…in order to register the car you have to contact the previous owner, and get him to get a new title. The kid is being a huge dick, and won’t make the time to do it, therefore unless he steps up and helps me out there is no way to get a new title


on the rear disk conversion…do you have the e-brake cables and the prop valve too?

Slicks in schenectady at 12:30

no e brake cables or prop valve, just the actual disk break setup with lower trailing arms, etc




u got a clutch slave cylinder?


how much for dunks?

I got screwed over Craigslist

i think my bro wants 60 for the dunks…they are brand new never worn. He bought them for a friend offa ebay and his friend never paid him for them


Drop me a PM on the guage cluster and what your looking for $$. Where are you located BTW ?




pm sent

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