FS: MB Battles 17x9.5+15, GAB s13 front Coils, Supermade Lights, Pignose lip + More

MB Battles - 17x9.5+15


GAB s13 Front Coilovers


Supermade s13 headlights

i perfer the look of popups because my car isnt agressive enough to pull these off properly

fitment is pretty good, could easily get these installed in your own car in a day.

comes with the head lights to fit also

300 obo

S13 pignose lip

painted with rough finish black paint

100 obo

Pioneer Deck - DEH-P5900IB

i MINT as hell. i used this very briefly and it was sick!


man so sorry to hear they don’t fit… what exactly is the issue? i’m planning on running a 18 x 9 front +25… hoping i won’t have the same issue :S

free bump!

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ah also i can vouch for the coils, they move freely with no leaks

the wheels dont quite clear the coils, its probably around 5mm off or so.

thats what i get for rocking super awesome fitting wheels i guess :frowning:

a 3mm slip on spacer could solve your problem on the wheels. I had to run 3mm slip on for the front with my battles and megan coils. Maybe you will keep, maybe the person buying should go buy some…most regular shops will have these laying around.

word, my battles fit perfectly fine with my coils. I have about 8-10mm of clearance.

yeah true. i thought about getting some small spacers, but i am just selling them because i want to get some meshies. yay meshies

7 day bump

Put the lip on my car, and ill put a for sale sign on the lip to do you some advertizin’

is the lip sold?

nope not yet





ciaran, sorry to “shit” in your thread man… LOL

free bumps tho, someone pick this stuff up!

pictures of rims anytime soon?

Pic of coils?

yeah i should probably get on that eh?

ill try and get some tomorow while its bright out.

im going on vacation for a week though so you probably wont here from me.

ok here are the pics


want to trade for my advan ra3dt’s? 17x9.5 +19. fit sick on stock body with some fender rollage haha. you’ve seen them on my car, I bought the front bumper off you a while back.

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