FS: Oakley Sunglasses

I have a pair of Oakleys sitting around collecting dust that I never really wore. Someone stole my other pair of sunglasses so I figured I would sell these to make up for that. Price is 60 bucks, tooks some pics too
email me at [email=“spencer.black@shawgrp.com”]spencer.black@shawgrp.com if you want them.


i think someone stole my arnette’s too… bastards :shoot:

if you are going to O tonight, bring them with you and i’ll check them out

someone stole my vintage ray-ban aviators. they were so rad…

e-mail them to me, I will host

jtoepfer at fideliscare dot org

does anyone have any oakley "over the top"s



Are those Minutes??

they look like 'XX’s (twenty)

Yeah I think thats what they are, there are two XXs between the lenses – see pic


where are you at??? if your near rochester pm me i might pick them up.

im in buffalo

still available

Are they black with blue lenses or some kind of graphite color with blue lenses?