FS: Panasonic Car CD Player + GM install kit - Orig. $450, You Pay $200

My brother bought a CD player a while back for his Camaro, but he sold the car after only having it installed a few months. He’s got no use for it now and wants it gone. You also get a Camaro / GM wire harness and install kit FREE since I’m not going to take the time to remove it :slight_smile:

Panasonic CQ-DF801U

This advanced full-dot LCD + CFL technology enables 4-level gradation for remarkably smooth and attractive display capability. A dedicated high-capacity display memory permits complex action patterns for rich 3D graphic variety. Providing easy visual confirmation, the display is one of the largest in a 1DIN size model

During day light conditions, the faceplate is a solid champagne color. At night, or whenever it’s dark in your vehicle, the faceplate is illuminated by blue back lighting and sky blue accents.

Most CD models feature a colorful display for added convenience and visual impact. With peak brightness of up to 300 candelas per square meter, this display provides high visibility even in daylight, thanks to its CFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlight. There’s even a 3-step dimmer so you can adjust brightness to match day and night driving conditions.
Display Modes
You can select from the following 6 display modes: A (moving geometric objects), B (moving geometric objects), C (switches between two people dancing and flowers swaying in the wind), D (birds soaring through space), E (moving cityscape), or STD (spectrum analyzer).
MOSFET60 Amplifier
This receiver is equipped with a 60 watts x 4 (peak) MOSFET amplifier for low distortion and high power output.
S-HDB (Super High Definition Bass)
This feature accentuates bass output even at high volumes. This is different from ordinary loudness controls that often become ineffective when volume is raised. You may select “BOOM” (strong bass boost), “TIGHT” (moderately emphasized bass) or “FLAT” (S-HDB off).

This Panasonic technology helps prevent zero-cross and non-linear distortions. It requantitizes the CD data, “shaping” it and moving digital noise out of the audible range. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) then reconstructs the analog waveform with true precision.

For high signal reading accuracy, the optical deck of CD models is mounted on the chassis with three silicone/rubber dampers, creating a floating suspension. Panasonic also uses a side-mounting system to resist horizontal and vertical vibrations.

4-channel high power amp (60W x 4 max.)
MOS-FET output stage
Super High Definition Bass (S-HDB)
5V high voltage front/rear dual preamp-outs (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/goldplated)
Non-fading 5V high voltage subwoofer-out (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/gold-plated)
AUX input
Playback compatible with digital audio CD-R (when disc is finalized)
Hologram pickup
One-chip digital circuit
1-bit 4-DAC digital-to-analog conversion
Anti-shock floating mechanism
CD Changer Control
Auto loading mechanism
Alphatuner V
6 AM and 18 FM presets with preset scan
Auto preset memory followed by auto scan
FM Optimizer (FMO), Adaptive FM Front End (AFE) and Impulse Noise Quieting (INQ)
3D Dot Matrix Display
Removable faceplate with flashing warning light
Day & Night design
Super bright CFL display with dimmer
Spectrum analyzer
Open face CD access
Built-in quartz clock
Wireless remote control
CD frequency response 20-20,000 Hz
CD signal-to-noise ratio 96 dB
FM sensitivity 11 dBf

Actual Picture of the stuff - mint condition;


i’ll start the bidding at $100


lol, you want it? I think he’ll take $100.

Assuming the camaro and firebird have the same size head unit so that this will be plug and play, ill take it

Awesome. When do you want it? I’ll be at Taffy’s tonight if you can make it.

wont be making taffys tonight…party time
are you up in the ub north area often?

will this work with the bose system?

Yes, but you need a different wire harness. I’m told Walmart has them for like $30.

Let me know if you want it, $100. I’ll be at Taffy’s tonight.

Wait a minute… Joe, did you call my brother yet? 'cause he got some ‘444’ number in his missed calls, but no voice mail… and called it back yesterday when he was drunk… and hung up since the voice that answered the phone wasn’t a chick, lol.

mickdad246, if Joe doesn’t want it still, you’ve got dibs.

i havent called your bro yet, i was in the cuse for 3 days seeing my friends from school and just got back tonight. One thing that i couldnt tell from the pics, does it have the plastic thing that goes around it to make it fit in the dash? the stock HU is obviously bigger and it looks like it has it, but wanted to make sure

Yeah it has that :tup:

Do you want me to bring it to Taffy’s tonight?