fS parting out 90 DSM turbo FWD

fwd ECU $100

tranny $150 shifts great

side mount intercooler $35

450 inlectors $50

seats grey cloth $100

all the lights are avaliable make offers

fenders are in good shape

if you need anything else let me know

14b turbo?

yeah turbo is not for sale yet

bullshit asshole no DSM tranny shiftss great :lol:

I may be interested in the ecu and fenders. What color are the fenders, and could you get some pics of them?

the fenders are white ill get some pics today

got a removable sunroof? my friend is looking for a replacement

wouldnt happen to have the BOV still would ya ?

nope, and the car doesnt dave a sun roof

Eh, I’m out for buying a turbo soon.

Need a new tire first.

Nail in road + tire + no road hazard = Me out $83

thats perfect, i need white fenders, so if they have no rust ill take them both along w/ a driver side corner light on the front.

pics of car http://www.nyspeed.com/gallery/browseimages.php?c=3&userid=148