FS: PRIMEWELL PZ-900 215/45 R17 & ASA 5x114 RIMS

All tires in near perfect condition, 90+% tread left on all four. Got them for the supra and ended up selling it, so i took the rims and tires off. The rims are some type of ASA 5x114 lug. The paint on them was starting to chip so i started stripping 3 out of 4 and didnt really finish…so the rims are kinda slimey and paint flakey…but im really just trying to get rid of them cheap. Id take 250 for everything…or 2 hung for the tires.


but theseeeeeeee


still got these…

how much would you take for the rims?



uppppppppppppppppppp someone buy theseee

I’ll give you $100 for the tires

150 and theyre yours.

Ill give you $50 for the wheels.:thumbup

did you get road hazard on the pz900s?

sold to you today.

no i did not.

I also second the $100 on the tires either to Mr. Fizzle or myself

pm’d, UP

upppppppp 125 and these can be yours today

do you still have these?


they’re in my garage, you can have em for $250 :rofl

na im good.