** FS: Rare NISMO Coppermix clutch kit complete with flywheel for SR

i have a very nice set of NISMO clutch for sale only have 4K street mileage on them. they are the Nismo coppermix clutch disc, Nismo pressure plate and Nismo light weight full aluminum flywheel for SR (S13-S15). the set is $500 and are rated for 420hp. this set brand new are 1200US, please check around to confirm. PM works best.

you can see the copper fiber in the disc.
the disc is pretty much the same thicknest when i first got them new.

ummm thats not a nismo coppermix clutch kit and its not rare. you can order them easily.

this is… same clutch and flywheel but the pressure plate isn’t and thats where it makes the huge difference in price and performance.

one of my best investment on the s14 and i paid 1600usd for it new.

jon blu2fourty the nismo man lol

Jon’s right Dude.

That looks like a stock pressure plate.

At the end of the day, that’s what makes the Nismo clutch perform the way it does.

The Flywheel and Disk Definately seem to be Nismo, put the plate is not.


i knew you guys will just comment on that but I ordered the damn thing thru nismo dealer brand new not you guys.

just check this link before bash my thread please

the numbers are stemped right on the pressure plate.

link doesn’t work for me

I never said it wasn’t nismo but it was designed to be a slight upgrade from stock but still pretty close to stock which is why i didnt get it. i was just stating its not rare and wasn’t a super coppermix. i assumed it was a super coppermix. the proper name of your clutch kit is nismo sport clutch kit. the clutch it self is made of coppermix but that how all single plate nismo clutches are.

when the cad dollar didnt drop to crap it was around 700cad new shipped from japan.