FS: RC 550 injectors with spacers

Recently had to bump may size to 650’s. These injectors are pretty new - only used for a day of tuning - Innovative tuning and Hybrid connections can vouch for the newness of the injectors and the sellers rep. These go for 370 new im looking for around 300

how many do you have?


cmon guys four prefectly new injectors-none of u dsm guys need em!

Not at $300 for 550ccs. Especially when even the most expensive online parts shops (slowboy, prostreet, etc) are selling them for 290 or less. There are guys on DSMTuners selling those things new in the box for $220-240, and we have local vendors here that can easily get them for $~260ish. That’s not even counting the fact that the price of 550cc injectors is almost equal to the price of 660cc injectors. At which point anyone in your market (re: DSM guy) would probably pick up the 660ccs instead.

if u dnt beleieve that thats a fair price u can go and take a look on RC’s website - the fact is they are 380 heres the site: http://www.rceng.com/prices.htm
if you dont want them - dnt buy them dnt even say anything i think that 380ish minus 80 bucks for being used is a decent deal.