fs rims, spacers ...

CAMERAS BROKEN NO PICTURES----- i have mismatched rims i would like to sell or trade fronts are nismo lm gt type they are 17inch with good tire life yet asking $300 second pair of rims are 17 inch fast octane with shit bald tires fwd offset asking $250 also have 50 mm spacers $100 for 4 .all items are located in beamsville will ship at owners cost will trade for oem wheels and cash or for vertex style front bumper plus cash or???

Pm’d about the spacers.

4x114.3 spacers?

Lol, no bolt patterns, no actual rims specs, no pictures…I can see this for sale thread going far.

4x114.3 the octane rims offset 35 , nismo i dunno sorry was to busy forgot to put lug pattern not to sure on widths these came on my car when bought

50 mm spacers gone all i have left are 15mm spacers trade for oem wheels or ??? and rims are still up for grabs 500 for all 4 plus your oem wheels

I have four black tear drops with shit tires. I’ll trade u for the 15mm spacers


i ll take em but i got to wait till monday to get the wheels off as i dont have a tuner lug key or allen key big enough to get my wheels off guy i bought my car from never gave me the key pm when you would like to meet up any time after monday

Whats the bolt pattern

Nvm just notice u put 4x114.3. That’s good news for me. Is it possible to meet half way. I live in whitby

cant no car on the rd right now sry

buying diamond racing rims these must go $ 425 for all 4 with shit tires and mounting hardware

400 these got to go i dont like them

did you buy coreys car?


bump… price drop $325 obo for all 4 with tires