FS: s14 Driver Side Front Fender $25!!! zenki

S14 driverside front fender.

color: stock s14 green.

I need this gone so make an offer and hurry up and come get it.

i’ll take that off your hands for…free?

ughhhh snitches get stitches and bitches get bloated.

for you vinni, 120… and what the hell I’ll paint it Flat black.

for anyone else: 25 bucks will be good just cause i dont have an s14 and want this fender gone.



:lol: :lol:

20 dollars.

no one wants a Cheap priced s14 fender???


is there any rust on it? and is there any dents?

If both these questions come answered as a NO then consider your fender sold…that is if its for a 95-96.

i don’t have an s14, i think that fender is cheap and i feel like buying it…

no rust just scratches…

very well I will prolly be up in brampton this weekend give me a way to contact you


someone come take this!!!

would someone just take this soon please?


SOLD–bitches! teh lock?

like he said