FS - S14 Kouki Hood and Trunk Lid

Both Original OEM Nissan!!!

Both items are BLACK and in mint mint mint condition!!!

  1. 1998 Kouki Hood (no weather stripping or washer jets)
  2. 1995-1998 Trunk lid with OEM Spoiler (no light assembly)

I have recently gone aftermarket for weight reduction.

Im asking $500 for both items together.

Here is a picture of the car the lid and hood are coming off of. I didnt take individual pics of the items simply because they are wrapped up and put away.


If you want one item its $275

WOW. is all i must say(to your car)

can i ask wheel specs?



I run 245’s on 17x9.5 up front and 275 on 17x10.5 in the rear.

Hood is sold!

Just the trunk lid left now.

The 3 piece rear light set is not included (its still on the car)
The skinny long brake light is included and still in the trunk lid