FS: Tenzo R Rally Seats New

I’m selling a brand new pair of Tenzo R Rally seats, i was gonna use them for my car but something came up. Comes with universal sliders. First $450 takes it.


good luck with the sale

hey, that’s nice…

will that fit my vic perfectly? or do i need some hardware?

they come with universal sliders that seem to fit hondas quite well. but not to sure. you might require to do some cuztom fabing todo.

what exactly came up? just like a week ago you were totally stoked about getting these…and what good is all that bling suspension you got without seats to hold you in place to use it all?

personal stuff

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btw…im interested…especially since ur local…

maybe my bro also interested…he got an 00 SI…

just wondering how hard is it to put em in…

do some research on some civic boards and find out.

with a little work, and some steel from hectors you can hack up your stock seat rails and mount them up. it will take you and your brother a saturday in the garage and a 12 pack. cant think of a better way to spend a day (except for maybe a 3-way or something) :tup:


ill buy one for 200, and sum1 else can buy 1 for 250 :stuck_out_tongue:

how bout you buy both for $450 and find someone else to buy one for $250 lol :slight_smile:


cmon someone must want this. there sweet. $400 w sliders is a great deal.

what kind of car were the seats going in?? i might be interested in them,i will get back to u

are these good seats? i want to sit in them sometime, dos is a cool guy.

they were gonna go in a 94 celica.